Codes of Practice

 Guidelines for assessment of environmental performance of feed supply chains
-  First of its kind globally recognized Feed LCA Guidelines officially released
-  Environmental performance of animal feed supply chains

 Guideline on Raw Material Risk Factors for Dioxin contamination

 GMP Transport protocol for Raw material ingredients as prescribed by AFMA

 Code of Conduct - Early Warning System (EWS)

 Appendix 1 - Guideline list of hazardous materials for EWS reporting

 Code of Practice for the control of Salmonella in the production of animal feed

 Salmonella critical raw materials

 Guidelines for monitoring of Salmonella

 Sampling protocol for animal feeds and raw materials

 GMP as a National Standard for Animal Feed Production
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 Checklist on guidelines for compliance to the Consumer Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008 - July 2011

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