Member of an Industry Grouping representing the formal industry's interests on all levels.
Representation on all Industry and Government Forums where legislation, regulations and guidelines are formulated.
Representation on Committees and Sub Committees in the broader Agriculture arena, which include the Presidential Working Group.
Access to all AFMA General meetings where matters concerning the feed industry are discussed.
Access to minutes of all AFMA General meetings and reports of discussions held.
Access to animal feed sales and raw material usage statistics, and the result of the annual cost survey in the industry.
Access to all Technical and Liaison Committee (Act,36/1947) and Trade Committee meetings.
Opportunity to take part or to give inputs to joint actions regarding industry-related matters,for example animal feed regulations, import tariffs, SADC-negotiations, EU negotiations, etc. The interest of the total industry is attended to and not that of the individual member.
Access to congresses and symposia at reduced prices.
Voting rights in relations to feed production. (Minimum = 1). Associate members do not have any voting rights.


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