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The AFMA Person of the Year award is presented to a person who has made an exceptional contribution towards the feed industry over a two year period. This person need not be directly employed in the feed industry, but his contributions are evaluated on the basis of the impact or contribution it had towards towards  the feed industry.


The AFMA Person of the Year Award includes:

 A cash prize;

 A certificate;

 A floating trophy.

The AFMA Person of the Year Award is normally awarded at the Annual General Meeting of AFMA.

Previous recipients include:

Dr Munro Griessel (1993), Hansie Bekker (1994), Cliff Saunders (1995), Dr Barney van Niekerk (1996), Graham Ebedes (1997), Prof Rob Gous (2002) and Dr Leon Ekermans (2003), Dr Johan Willemse (2004), Prof Jocelyn Webster (2005), Mr Tommy Jamie (2006) and Mr Jannie de Villiers (2007).



The award is currently sponsored by AFGRI Trading and they could be reached in Pretoria at telephone number (012) 663 1312 or by fax at (012) 663 8057. 




The Animal Feed Manufacturers Association decided to institute the above-mentioned award to pay homage to the late Dr Barney van Niekerk and his contributions to the feed industry. 


The award consists of the following:
•  A cash prize sponsored by DSM Nutritional Products;
•  A floating trophy donated by Mrs Beatrix van Niekerk;

 A trophy from AFMA.


Previous recipients

Previous recipients of the award are Dr Martin Neitz (1998), Dr Erhard Briedenhann (1999), Dr Lourens Erasmus (2000), Dr Hinner K๖ster (2001), Rick Kleyn (2002), Dr Tertius Brand (2004), Loutjie Dunn (2005).

The following will be taken into consideration for the award:

 Contributions in the technical field to the benefit of the feed industry;

 Technical contributions in the work environment i.e. product or other development;

 Technical presentations at any level;

 Articles published in AFMA MATRIX or other publications (popular scientific);

 Non-technical activities and conduct;

 Contributions towards AFMA and animal nutrition in general.



The award is sponsored by DSM Nutritional Products and they could be reached in Johannesburg at telephone number (011) 398 6900 or by fax at (011) 392 5808.






To commemorate the contribution of the late Dr Koos van der Merwe to the feed industry in South Africa, AFMA annually awards a prize to the best final year graduate student in Animal Nutrition in a specific year to further his/her studies in the following year.


Since very few of the recipients ended up in the feed or feed related industries, it has been decided to change the criteria for the prize.  The prize will only be awarded to a student who has already registered for post graduate studies in Animal Nutrition at a South African University.



Universities should evaluate their applicants and submit one nomination to AFMA.  The final evaluation will be done by AFMA who reserves the right not to award the prize in a particular year.  The evaluation will be based on the applications and the format and appearance of the application will be taken into account.  Nominees could also be invited for an interview with the selection panel.


Previous recipients

Previous recipients of this award includes:  Ms Evelyn Malleson – UP (2004); Ms Natalie le Roux – UP (2005) and Ms Marcia Malan – US (2006).



The award is sponsored by AFMA.

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