Registration and Renewal Workshop - 16 August 2011

AFMA hosted a workshop for the registration and renewals of Farm Feed, Pet Food, Raw Materials and Feed Additives on Tuesday 16 August in Centurion. The objectives of the workshop were to facilitate a communication- and information sharing platform to address all issues pertaining to the registration process and applications of farm feeds, raw materials, pet food and feed additives.

The workshop was well attended by 80 delegates from across the country, representing the feed- and pet food manufacturers, the raw material suppliers and the feed additive manufacturers and distributors.

The following presentations were given by the Technical Advisors of ACT 36 during the workshop and it covered all aspects of the regulations:

In addition to the presentations, the following documentation (application forms and label layout examples) were made available during the workshop and can be viewed in conjunction with the presentations above.




PDF copies of all types of application forms are also available on AFMA’s website (See Resources & Links – Acts & Regulations – Registration and Fees - Registration Forms or click here)

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