AFMA strives for the development of a sustainable industry that acts responsible within the food chain by ensuring safe feed for safe food.  

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AFMA strives for the realisation of its vision by:
•  Lobbying and negotiating with Government as well as local- and international agencies
  Influencing those factors that have a bearing on industry costs
•  Creating awareness amongst industry role-players of threats and opportunities facing the industry, and 
   formulating unified action plans with them
•  Promoting AFMA's image
•  Providing an information service to members and other role players  

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AFMA represents the animal feed industry on various committees and platforms where it is necessary to enhance or protect the interests of Industry. This includes liaison with and lobbying of the following:
 Non-AFMA feed manufacturers
  Partners and links in the feed value-chain
  Premix manufacturers
  Raw material suppliers
  Equipment manufacturers
  Animal nutritionists
  Veterinary professionals
  Livestock industry organisations and livestock producers
  Agricultural organisations and staff
  Academics, students of universities, technikons and colleges
  Agricultural research institute representatives
  Government department officials
  Related Government departments
  International agricultural organisations
  International Feed Industry Federation and its members

In the process, attention is given to matters of importance to the industry, including:
•  Legislation
  Feed regulations
  Feed guidelines
  Import duties
•  Crop estimates
•  Industry investigations
•  Raw materials
  Codes of Practice
•  Information gathering and analysis
  Keeping abreast of changes and developments
•  Identifying threats and opportunities
  Agricultural trade agreements

AFMA's outwards liaison and marketing instruments are:
  AFMA MATRIX (Quarterly publication)
  AFMA Website -
  AFMA Student Symposia ( 3 Universities per year)
  AFMA Workshop for Non-Feed Industry Members
  AFMA Annual Technical Symposium
  Ad Hoc Workshops where needed
  AFMA FORUM (Every 3rd year)
  AFMA Student of the Year Award
  AFMA Student Bursary
  AFMA Technical Person of the Year
  AFMA Person of the Year

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The South African animal feed industry came into being in the early 1930's during the big droughts and depression. Circumstances stimulated scientific thoughts on the feeding of farm animals and alternatives for feeding systems were developed. The use of Offal / by-products of other industries came into place, e.g. wheaten bran, groundnut, offal and brewers grain. Feed Mills were erected in close proximity of these "sources" and Rail network.

In 1935, Lion Bridge in Pretoria, installed the first 5-tonne electric feed mixer and others soon followed.

The Balanced Feed Manufacturers Association was established in 1945 after Industry identified the need for a structured industry body taking care of Industry's interests and being the official mouthpiece of the feed industry to liaise with inter alia the government, when necessary. The Association was very involved in various aspects of the feed industry and at some stages, even imported raw materials for feed manufacturing.

In 1988 the Association's name was changed to the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association and it was registered as an Article 21 company. In 1990 it was decided to use "AFMA" as the acronym for both Afrikaans and English.

Since then, the acronym AFMA has become a household name with people and institutions that are involved in the feed and related industries. Based on the enquiries received from over the world, AFMA is widely known.

AFMA's quarterly industry magazine (AFMA MATRIX), its annual technical showcase (AFMA Symposium) and the triennial international congress (AFMA FORUM) are sustained efforts to make contact with industry role players, suppliers, service providers, related agriculture role players and other similar associations, in which membership of the International Feed Industries Federation (IFIF) plays a major role in this regard.

Since 1935, production in the formal feed industry (AFMA members) gradually increased from 3.9 million tons in 1997/98 to 4 million tons in 2001/02, 4.3 million tons in 2004/05 and 4.7 million tons in 2006/07. The gross turnover value of this feed was estimated at R8,3 billion at that time. The total national feed production during 2012/13 was estimated at 11.15 million tons, of which AFMA members produced 60%. The national gross turnover value of the total feed production was calculated at an estimated R48 Billion per annum.

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Prospectus on the South African Maize Industry

Chairman's Report 2014/15

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