East African states remove animal feed tax

East African states remove animal feed tax

Governments in East Africa recently have made animal feed costs cheaper by removing a tax on the raw materials used in their production, although livestock farmers in the region are grappling with frequent droughts that impact the supply of commodities such as corn, sunflower and soybeans.

From the editor: Insects as a protein source in animal feed

With global protein consumption at an all-time high and expected to continue its upward trek over the next several decades, the food industry is looking at creative, alternative sources to meet this demand, including pulses, algae and insects. That’s right, those annoying protein-rich pests that are unwelcome intruders in food processing facilities such as flour mills worldwide likely will be an important ingredient in the animal feed supply in the coming years.

SASAS Western Cape Branch – Student Industry Day at US Campus

The SASAS Western Cape branch is now initiating their first Student Industry Day on 31 August at the JS Marais building on the US Campus. AFMA welcomes this initiative to expand the already successful Student industry day (also hosted annually by the SASAS Northern branch) to the Western Cape and thereby increasing the number of students nationaly that can attend these days and that benefit from the interaction with industry.