The SASAS Western Cape branch is now initiating their first Student Industry Day on 31 August at the JS Marais building on the US Campus.

AFMA welcomes this initiative to expand the already successful Student industry day (also hosted annually by the SASAS Northern branch) to the Western Cape and thereby increasing the number of students nationaly that can attend these days and that benefit from the interaction with industry.

AFMA encourages all its members (especially those situated in the Cape provinces) to support this day! Your participation and presense will assist in creating a lasting positive impression with the students towards the feed industry and entice the best of the best to join our family after their studies.

Click here for more information on the day and sponsor opportunities, please click here.

You can also enquire directly at Ms Annelin Molotsi (E-mail: or Dr Helet Lambrechts (E-mail:

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