Who may enter

Students from a South African tertiary institution studying Animal Science (full-time final year or postgraduate) as well as first year internship postgraduate students at any South African feed (or related) company.

Structure, grammar and length of articles

  • Submission format: Word (no PDFs will be accepted)
  • Margins: 2cm all-round
  • Font: Calibri 11pt
  • Length: 2 000 words
  • Images: 3 figures/graphs/pictures (3 in total)
  • Image: Hi-resolution 300 dpi
  • Image format: Jpeg, TIFF, PNG or PDF
  • Grammar style: UK English
  • Similarity report (compulsory): Turnitin

Article structure

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Discussion (use different subheadings here)
  • Conclusion
  • Author’s contact details (phone number and e-mail address)


  • Style: South African Journal of Animal Science (https://www.ajol.info/index.php/sajas/about/submissions)
  • The list of references is to be submitted in a separate document together with the article. In text referencing should strictly adhere to the prescribed method of the SA Journal of Animal Science.

Articles themes must resort under one of the following broad categories:

  1. Feed industry: Legislative environment
  2. Feed industry: Trade environment (economy / pricing / trade)
  3. Feed science: Additives
  4. Feed science: Equine
  5. Feed science: Monogastric
  6. Feed science: Ruminant
  7. Processing: Milling / mixing / formulation / packaging


AFMA Intervarsity Writer's Cup - Marketing Poster

  • All entries must be approved by your designated study leader. Please complete and sign the AFMA Intervarsity Writer’s Cup – Article Submission Form and submit it along with your article and reference list. Articles must be submitted on 19 August 2019 before 16:00 (for publication in the October 2019 AFMA Matrix).
  • All article submissions must adhere to the above guidelines.
  • Articles that are submitted after the cut-off date and time, will be ignored.
  • Articles must be submitted via e-mail to AFMA using the following address: technical@afma.co.za


AFMA Intervarsity Writer's Cup - Submission Form

  • First round: Upon submission, articles are judged on whether basic guidelines for submission was met.
  • Second round: Successful entries are judged by the AFMA Matrix subcommittee for content, relevancy etc. Adjudication is based on the points as set out in the AFMA Intervarsity Writer’s Cup - Article Evaluation Criteria document.
  • Intermediary: Successful article/s are published in AFMA Matrix (quarterly).
  • Final round: All published articles are judged by the AFMA Matrix subcommittee, which forms part of the AFMA Marketing and Promotion Committee.
  • The winner will be announced during the annual AFMA Symposium in October and will be required to give a short (10 to 15 min) presentation on the submitted paper.


AFMA Intervarsity Writer's Cup - Article Evaluation Criteria

  • The committee’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be allowed in this regard.
  • Entries submitted after the cut-off dates and times will be ignored.
  • By entering, successful entrants declare that their articles may be edited and published in the AFMA Matrix magazine.
  • By entering, successful entrants declare themselves willing to participate in any media coverage given to the competition, whether it is by way of written magazine or online news items, radio interviews or television interviews conducted with the winner and/or finalists.
  • The winner prizes cannot be altered, exchanged or supplied in any other way than stipulated in terms of the competition rules.
2014Käte van der Walt
2015Gert Coertze
2016Josef van Wyngaard
2017Not awarded
2018Not awarded
2019Sarah Jane DaviesStellenbosch University