The Intervarsity Writers’ Cup competition was first introduced amongst the SA universities in 2017 and AFMA  awarded the first grand winner in 2019. The competition promotes student participation in the animal feed industry and recognizes and encourages scientific contributions by animal nutrition students.  The initiative is in support of AFMA’s training and skills development strategy and complements other student outreach activities, career days, and a job opportunity portal.

The competition is open to any final year or postgraduate student in Animal Science who is registered at a South African university.  The best scientific article submitted each quarter will be awarded a cash prize and will be considered for the grand prize and overall title of Writers’ Cup Champion at the end of the year.  The winning student will receive an invitation to present their research at the prestigious AFMA Symposium in October. Articles can be submitted either as Own Research, or in the category for Literature review.

For more information on the competition, how to enter, and the prizes to be won please refer to the Rules of Entry.

All articles must be submitted by the main author (student) through a signed Article submission form and must be accompanied by the relevant supporting documents to reach the AFMA office by the closing dates:

  • 23 May 2022 for the July 2022 Matrix edition.
  • Overall winner is announced in the October 2022 Matrix edition & presents at the AFMA Symposium

Students can familiarize themselves with the criteria for assessment by downloading the relevant document:  Criteria for Own Research article and Criteria for Literature Review article.

Please contact the AFMA office for more information on the Intervarsity Writers’ Cup competition and how you, your promotor, and your university can walk away with the trophy and the title of Writers’ Cup Champion!

AFMA Intervarsity Writer's Cup - Submission Form
AFMA Intervarsity Writer's Cup - Rules of Entry
AFMA Intervarsity Writer's Cup - Article Evaluation Criteria - Own Research
AFMA Intervarsity Writer's Cup - Article Evaluation Criteria - Literature Review
    1Own ResearchStellenbosch UniversityElizabeth GleesonA meta-analysis of the effect of rearing substrate composition on the lauric acid content of black soldier fly larvaeApril-June 2022 – Vol 31 No 2
    2Own ResearchNorth-West UniversityEnathi Dinga
    MSc in Animal Science (Candidate)
    Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Effect of Melia azedarach seed-mediated nano-ZnO on growth performance, protein utilisation efficiency, haematology and nutritional status in pigsJuly-September 2022 – Vol 31 No 3
    2019Stellenbosch UniversitySarah Jane DaviesDr Emiliano Raffrenato
    2020University of PretoriaAmelia du PreezProf Eward Webb
    2021Stellenbosch University Zarinah SkippersDr Brink van ZylEffect of pre-treatment incubation time using exogenous fibrolytic enzymes on in vitro fibre digestion