The AFMA Matrix Editorial Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the AFMA Marketing and Promotion Committee responsible for the contents and quality of every quarterly-published AFMA Matrix. It consists of an Editorial Committee that takes responsibility for the planning of the contents of the articles and advertisements.

In terms of the technical article contents the subcommittee is supported by a panel of technical experts from various fields of expertise. The panel consists of:

  • Dr Christél Coetzee
  • De Wet Boshoff
  • Liesl Breytenbach
  • Lesley Durrans
  • Annekie O’Rourke
  • Brett Roosendaal
  • Dr Hinner Köster
  • Dr Pieter Henning
  • Dr Erhard Briedenhann
  • Dr Vlok Ferreira
  • Johan du Plessis
  • Loutjie Dunn
  • Franscois Crots

Chairperson: Mr De Wet Boshoff (Executive Director: AFMA)
Vice-chairperson: Mr Linde du Toit (Editor: AFMA Matrix)