Roll-out of AFMA’s profile and benchmark-model expected to start in June

After an absence of 10 years, AFMA will be rolling out a modern version of the former AFMA Cost Survey, which will feature elements to define the industry’s profile much better. This information will assist AFMA in negotiations and lobbying efforts both locally and internationally, as well as in the public sector and the private sector. Thus, besides benchmarking certain main cost components of animal feed milling as is done globally, AFMA will now also have the necessary information at hand, to define the profile of its industry to a much finer degree. The roll-out is expected to start in June 2018, to be able to present the first results at the AFMA AGM, scheduled for 7 September 2018 in Port Elizabeth.  

AFMA to donate TAFMA information system

As part of the AFMA initiative and strategy to establish an overarching Southern African Feed Milling Association (SAFMA) - which was established in April 2013 - AFMA has agreed to donate a copy of an information system to the Tanzanian Animal Feed Millers’ Association (TAFMA). This information system was developed by AFMA to collect and disseminate critical information and to store it on a database. TAFMA, is the first animal feed association (besides AFMA) to be established as part of the SAFMA strategy of regional expansion an upliftment of the feed milling industries in the SADC region.

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