AFMA Transport Protocol

Since the implementation of the Transport Protocol in 2016, 16 transport service providers to the feed industry have been found complying to the AFMA Transport Protocol. It has been found that some of these transport providers proudly display the AFMA Transport Protocol on their vehicles.

SAFEX soya meal and sunflower seed futures contract

AFMA, the JSE and Oilseed Crushers (SAOPA) held a meeting where it was decided that a SAFEX futures contract for soya meal and sunflower oilcake is to be investigated. The main issues for such a contract to be successful, there need to be agreement between all parties on:

  1. the minimum quality specifications in the case of physical delivery;
  2. storage requirements for physicals deliveries; and
  3. an agreed independent laboratory in the case of disputes.

Maize grading regulations

The Trade Environment Subcommittee of the Maize Forum Steering Committee (Convened by Dirk Kok), is to review the grading regulations for maize. Matters that will be addressed during the review process, will be the maximum levels of poisonous seeds as well as maximum levels for mycotoxins in a consignment. The Southern African Grain Laboratory (SAGL) has been requested to investigate the tendency of certain defective maize kernels to attract mycotoxin development.

AFMA Research Training Feed Mill

AFMA has been in negotiations with the University of Pretoria to establish a Research and Training Feed Mill (similar to what Kansas State University has established), on the experimental farm on the Hatfield Campus. The University however, indicated that it would not be viable to establish such a facility within the city parameters, but proposed the establishment of such a facility on the Miertjie le Roux experimental farm near Bronkhorstspruit. During a site visit it was agreed that the Research Training Feed Mill should be established on the new site. The University of Pretoria has been requested to draw up a Master Plan in this regard, where after further actions will follow.

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