The AFMA Person of the Year Award is presented at the AFMA AGM to a person who has made an exceptional contribution towards the feed industry over a two-year period.

This person need not be directly employed in the feed industry but his or her contributions are evaluated on the basis of the impact or contribution it had on the feed industry.
Chemuniqué (Pty) Ltd
1993Dr Munro Griessel
1994Hansie Bekker
1995Cliff Saunders
1996Dr Barney van Niekerk
1997Graham Ebedes
1998Not awarded
1999Not awarded
2001Not awarded
2002Prof Rob Gous
2003Dr Leon Ekermans
2004Dr Johan Willemse
2005Prof Jocelyn Webster
2006Tommy Jamie
2007Jannie de Villiers
2008Loutjie Dunn
2009Chris Schutte
2010Not awarded
2011Dr Konrad Keyser
2012Not awarded
2013De Wet Boshoff
2014Dr Deon Barnard
2015Dr Heinz Meissner
2016Not awarded
2017Heiko Köster
2018Not awarded
2019Terry Wiggill
2020Not awarded
2021Dr John Purchase