As an addition to AFMA’s self-regulation drive and its already developed cornerstone, the AFMA Code of Conduct, the AFMA Transport Protocol was developed jointly by the Trade and Technical Committees of AFMA. It describes how raw materials and ingredients for use in the feed industry should be transported.

The Transport Protocol is an additional risk management tool, which clearly provides guidelines and cleaning regimes for different scenarios that will enhance feed-safety quality of raw materials and ingredients transported to the feed-manufacturing plants.

AFMA members have been introducing the Transport Protocol to their transport service providers during the past five years, with 2016 being the final year of introduction and implementation.

Enforcement of the AFMA Transport Protocol, as in the case of the AFMA Code of Conduct, has started during 2017.

AFMA Transport Protocol Audit Procedures
    AFMA Transport Protocol Evaluation Guideline Checklist
      AFMA Transport Protocol Assessment Matrix
        1Grain (0)11 693 6683Sep 20132019/10Active
        2Loubser Bulk (0)18 013 0414 Oct 20132019/10Active
        3Supreme Carriers (Pty) Ltd+27 (0)73 190 2248 Nov 20132019/10Active
        4MV (0)16 457 2912Mar 20142020/10Active
        5River North (0)81 274 5779May 20152019/05Renewal in process
        6Sclanders Transport+27 (0)66 206 3420May 20172021/03Renewal in process
        7Kodav (0)72 299 5343 / +27 (0)31 880 0891Mar 20182020/07Renewal in process
        8Loglink Trading+27 (0)31 785 1378 / +27 (0)82 927 7944Mar 20182021/04Active
        9Bloemdre Vervoer (Pty) LtdInternal OnlyInternal OnlyApr 20192021/04Active
        10L & T Boerdery CC+27 (0)76 740 8332May 20192021/04Renewal in process
        11Reinhardt (0)14 592 2571/2Jun 20212021/06In process
        12Unitrans Supply Chain (0)87 352 3114Aug 20212021/08Active