The feeding of any protein of ruminant origin (except milk and milk products) to any animal other than predators and carnivores, except with the written approval of the director is prohibited in South Africa.  A written approval for the above-mentioned exemption may only be granted for the feeding of ruminant blood meal to non-ruminant animals and is subject to the conditions as may be determined by the Director of Animal Health.

The conditions for exemption is documented in a Veterinary Procedural Notice (VPN) for dedicated manufacturers of poultry feed to obtain the relevant exemption to include bovine blood meal in registered poultry feed.  The VPN Nr 34 of 2018 was approved and signed by the Director of Animal Health on 16 November 2018 and is available for download from this website under ‘VPN’.

The use of blood meal by feed manufacturers is further regulated in terms of the Government Notice No. 356 of 29 April 2011 (2) c.  The Registrar of Act 36 of 1947 may allow the registration of poultry feed containing bovine blood meal, provided an exemption is granted by the Director of Animal Health. This exemption will be considered based on compliance of the applicant (feed manufacturer) and relevant suppliers of bovine blood (abattoir) and bovine blood meal (sterilizing/rendering plants) to the specifications of this VPN.

All the necessary documentation, application forms and audit checklists are available for download on this webpage. 

For any further enquiries on the use of bovine blood meal in poultry feeds, kindly contact Ms. Liesl Breytenbach at the AFMA office.

VPN 34 - Bovine blood meal for use in poultry feed
    Application Process
    VPN 34 – Annex 4b – Application form
      VPN 34 – Audit checklist

        For BM facility approvals: - contact your Provincial State Veterinary office

        For VPN traceability audits: - contact the DALRRD authorised auditor(s)*

        * Authorised auditors will be appointed by the Dept. of Animal Health for the purpose of this VPN34/2018/01.  Once appointed, the contact details of the auditors will appear here.  For interim enquiries kindly contact the Director of Animal Health at or phone (012) 319-7456/7615.