The AFMA staff are: Front, left to right: Mrs Mandy Joubert, Mrs Liesl Breytenbach and Mrs Wimpie Groenewald. Back, left to right: Mrs Bonita Cilliers, Ms Bee Oelofsen, Mrs Olivia Botha and Mr Lucius Phaleng. Contact the AFMA staff: Liesl Breytenbach, Executive Director, Pr.Sci.Nat (Animal Science) 400044/07 – E-mail: Bonita Cilliers, Technical & Regulatory

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AFMA members should complete and submit the statement below for the renewal of their membership. Upon receipt of the submission, members will be notified in writing and issued with a unique identification number for reference. The member identification number must be referenced when requesting a renewal audit from the approved assessment bodies. Please note that

Membership Renewal Application Received

Dear AFMA member, Thank you for submitting your request for a renewal audit to verify conformance to the AFMA Code of Conduct. Your commitment to adhere to the industry code is noted and your application for renewal is currently being processed. You will be notified in writing shortly and will receive a letter containing your

AFMA Student Nutrition Poster Award

Background Sponsor Previous Recipients The award is presented annually by the AFMA Technical Committee to recognise excellence among Animal Nutrition graduates in their dissemination of nutritional knowledge through a poster presentation at an Animal Science Congress. The award is designed to promote interest in industry-related research on animal nutrition, to increase the quality of student

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Dear applicant, Thank you for submitting a request for AFMA membership. Your application has been received, and the evaluation thereof by the AFMA Management is in process. If your application is successful, you will be notified in writing and receive a Membership Information Letter outlining the next steps and necessary information towards becoming an AFMA

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General information

AFMA Membership Membership Benefits Membership Fees The main objects of AFMA are to promote the development of the animal feeds industry in South Africa, and to enhance and support a sustainable industry that acts responsibly within the food chain. AFMA is achieving these objectives with the support of all member companies and their commitment to

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Companies and organisations interested in AFMA membership can find all the relevant information on how to join, on the membership benefits and the membership fees in General Information on the website. Kindly complete & submit the application form below to apply for AFMA membership as a Full Member, an Associate Member, or an Affiliate Member.