Regulatory Committee

General Legislation The AFMA Regulatory Committee (RC) is the information and participation portal for all matters pertaining to animal feed legislation, self-regulatory mechanisms, and global trade & harmonization. These strategic focus areas for the RC have been identified and aligned with AFMA’s vision to be a dynamic animal feed thought leader that influences food security

Training & Skills Development Committee

The Training & Skills Development Committee of AFMA is focused on the development and promotion of skills in the animal feed industry, and the facilitation of training opportunities to enhance skills, qualifications, and knowledge in the industry. The committee is actively involved in: Occupational learning for feed mill operators (Work Integrated Learning) Establishment of a

Marketing & Promotion Committee

The AFMA Marketing & Promotion Committee takes responsibility for all marketing and promotional material and contents that are published or displayed by AFMA. This could be in hard copy, electronic copy or via social media on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, e.g. the AFMA Chairman’s Report; the AFMA Matrix magazine (hard copy and electronic version); AFMA

Trade Committee

The AFMA Trade Committee deals with all trade and trade environment-related matters that may impact on the procurement and supply of feed ingredients and raw materials to be used in the feed industry. These matters may include the following: Global commodity situation and events changing the scene International commodity trade agreements International and local industry

Technical Committee

General TCM Presentations TC Sub-Committees The AFMA Technical Committee is responsible for all feed manufacturing-, nutrition- and feeding related matters. The Committee meets four times per year and is regularly attended by more than 50 representatives from feed- and ingredient manufacturers across South Africa. The Technical Committee is engaged in a number of projects which

AFMA Intervarsity Writer’s Cup

AFMA Intervarsity Writer’s Cup

General Competition Forms Previous Winners The Intervarsity Writers’ Cup competition was first introduced amongst the SA universities in 2017 and AFMA  awarded the first grand winner in 2019. The competition promotes student participation in the animal feed industry and recognizes and encourages scientific contributions by animal nutrition students. The initiative is in support of AFMA’s

AFMA Student Prize (Koos van der Merwe)

Background Sponsor Previous Recipients The AFMA Student of the Year award is presented in honour of Dr Koos van der Merwe, who significantly contributed to the animal feed industry in South Africa during his time. His scientific approach to the feed industry was pioneering and instrumental in driving the industry’s growth and success. Despite the

AFMA Technical Person of the Year Award (Barney van Niekerk)

Background Sponsor Previous Recipients Dr Barney van Niekerk’s legacy inspires and influences the animal feed industry in South Africa and beyond. He is widely recognised as an expert in animal nutrition and feed technology. He was mainly known for researching animals’ nutritional requirements and innovative feed formulations. His work profoundly impacted the industry, improving the