Suid-Afrika kroon sy vyfde kuilvoerkoning

Die land se vyfde kuilvoerkoning is op 18 September tydens die jaarlikse Alfa galadinee en prysuitdeling gekroon. Die wenner in vanjaar se Santam Landbou Nasionale Kuilvoerkompetisie is Westend Landgoed – ‘n uitstekende prestasie siende dat Westend Landgoed ook die 2017 kuilvoerkoning was. Die toekenning is tydens die dinee deur Hanlie Kroese van Santam aan Hano Lombard oorhandig. Lees meer…

South Africa’s Soybean Success Story

South Africa’s Soybean Success Story

Soybean development is one of South Africa’s agricultural success stories. Its production has grown significantly since the dawn of democracy, from 67 700 tonnes in the 1993/94 production season to 1.6 million tonnes in 2017/18. This was stimulated by growing demand for soybean oilcake or meal by the animal feed industry. This, in turn, has been driven by an increase in the demand for high protein food, particularly poultry products. South Africa’s per capita consumption of poultry meat almost doubled over the past 17-years, currently estimated at 41 kilograms, according to data from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Read more…

Agbiz engages with CRC on the review of Section 25 of the Constitution

“Agbiz today had the opportunity to make an oral submission to the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) on its position in terms of the review of section 25 of the Constitution,” Dr John Purchase, CEO of Agbiz said. The Agbiz delegation was led by the chairman, Francois Strydom, and further comprised the CEO of Agbiz, Dr John Purchase, Wandile Sihlobo and Theo Boshoff, who presented the submission to the CRC. Read more…

Proudly South African

Good leadership and determination – in both politics and business – are crucial on the road to success. Despite some challenges, it is important to note the positive developments in the animal feed manufactures sector. The chairman of AFMA shares his views on factors influencing politics and business. [View article]

Improving feed production in Africa and the Middle East

Africa and the Middle East’s compound feed production is some of the lowest in the world and also some of the most expensive. This stems predominantly from inefficient production, lack of integration and a fragmented industry. In the linked article, the author provides information on a new regional feed millers training center based in Tunisia that will address these issues. [View article]

Gastrointestinal functionality in animal nutrition and health

ly: Arial, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 100%; text-align: left;”>Effective functionality of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and its health are important in determining animal performance (growth, milk yield, meat and egg quality). This review article proposes a new concept of ‘gut health’ by providing an overview of the features that may be involved in gastrointestinal functionality and animal health. [View article]

Xylanase, protease and superdosing phytase interactions in broiler performance, carcass yield and digesta transit time

Sorghum is widely used as a main cereal in animal feeds. However, one of its constraints is the occurrence of anti-nutritional factors, such as phytic acid and tannins. This article explains how the elimination of such anti-nutritional compounds should improve the nutritional quality of sorghum and effectively utilise its full potential in feeds. [View article]