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AFMA Code of Conduct

AFMA Code of Conduct

AFMA developed a Code of Conduct as a measure of self-regulation in the feed industry in South Africa. The Code of Conduct comprises twelve areas of conformance and illustrates the vision of the feed industry in South Africa to develop a sustainable industry that acts responsibly within the food chain by ensuring safe feed for

AFMA Industry Guidelines

General Sampling Salmonella Mycotoxins & Moulds Dioxins Other ATEC_CAR_01_rev02_Carryover Code of Practice Download 145 downloads486.25 KB SOP for the revision and approval of Technical Guidelines and Codes of Practise Download 491 downloads266.14 KB Sampling guideline for animal feed and ingredients Download 389 downloads456.94 KB Salmonella sampling procedure Download 186 downloads519.76 KB Critical feed ingredients for