Animal feeds in South Africa are regulated in terms of the Fertilizers, Farm Feeds, Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies Act, 1947 (Act No. 36 of 1947). Since 1947, however, there have been significant changes in animal feeds and the way they are manufactured. These changes have resulted in a need to consider reviewing the regulatory framework in order to put more emphasis on food and environmental safety as well reducing regulatory burden.

Major changes proposed in the Bill includes:

  • licensing of facilities that manufacture animal feed and pet food;
  • moving away from the requirement for pre-approval of all animal feed products before they are placed on the market;
  • and the inclusion of commercial farms on which feed is manufactured, resulting in some farms being required to register their manufacturing facilities.

Scope of the Bill
To provide for the regulation of feed and pet food, for the regulation of feed ingredients used in the manufacturing of feed and pet food, for the licensing or registration of facilities used for the  manufacturing of feed or pet food, for the appointment of a Registrar to administer the Act, for the appointment of advisory committees, and for advisers, assignees, auditors, and inspectors to assist the Registrar in the exercise of his or her powers in the regulation, compliance monitoring and enforcement of this Act, and for matters connected therewith.



  • the need to ensure the manufacturing of safe feed for animals intended for human consumption;
  • the need to ensure the manufacturing of safe pet food intended for companion animals;
  • the critical role that feed play in food safety, nutrition and food security;
  • the need for a traceability system within the feed and pet food industries;


  • protect the consumers and users of feed and pet food;
  • disseminate an efficient and effective traceability system;
  • ensure compliance with food safety requirements,