AFMA Member Updates: May 2018 – From the Marketing & Promotion Committee

AFMA AGM 2018 to be hosted in the friendly cityIn-line with the AFMA tradition of rotating the hosting of its Annual General Meetings (AGM) between the provinces in South Africa, the AFMA Board has decided to host the AGM 2018 in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth on 6-7 September 2018 at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Information on the AGM will follow soon. It will be well communicated and can be followed on the AFMA

AFMA Member Updates: May 2018 – From the Trade Committee

AFMA Transport ProtocolSince the implementation of the Transport Protocol in 2016, 16 transport service providers to the feed industry have been found complying to the AFMA Transport Protocol. It has been found that some of these transport providers proudly display the AFMA Transport Protocol on their vehicles.TopSAFEX soya meal and sunflower seed futures contractAFMA, the JSE and Oilseed Crushers (SAOPA) held a meeting where it was decided that a SAFEX futures contract for soya meal

AFMA Member Updates: May 2018 – From the Regulatory Committee

New Regulatory CommitteeConsidering the dynamic road ahead with regard to the new proposed feeds legislation, AFMA has made a strategic decision to revise and restructure its ad hoc Legislative Committee into a full-time Regulatory Committee (RC). The RC held its first meeting on 13 February 2018 and has accepted the revised committee scope and agenda. The new agenda will provide feedback to members on quarterly and/or bimonthly liaison activities between AFMA and the Department of

AFMA Member Updates: May 2018 – From the Technical Committee

New beginningsThe AFMA Technical Committee (TC) kick-started 2018 with a new revised agenda for their first meeting held on 13 February. The TC agenda is now purely focussed on animal feeding and nutrition related matters. All regulatory projects and feedback from AFMA liaison activities with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) have been moved to the Regulatory Committee agenda.The TC chairperson, Ms Jackie Tucker from Chemuniqué highlighted the main projects for 2018 to

AFMA Member Updates: May 2018 – From the Management Information Committee

Roll-out of AFMA’s profile and benchmark-model expected to start in June After an absence of 10 years, AFMA will be rolling out a modern version of the former AFMA Cost Survey, which will feature elements to define the industry’s profile much better. This information will assist AFMA in negotiations and lobbying efforts both locally and internationally, as well as in the public sector and the private sector. Thus, besides benchmarking certain main cost components of

East African states remove animal feed tax

East African states remove animal feed tax

Governments in East Africa recently have made animal feed costs cheaper by removing a tax on the raw materials used in their production, although livestock farmers in the region are grappling with frequent droughts that impact the supply of commodities such as corn, sunflower and soybeans.

From the editor: Insects as a protein source in animal feed

With global protein consumption at an all-time high and expected to continue its upward trek over the next several decades, the food industry is looking at creative, alternative sources to meet this demand, including pulses, algae and insects. That’s right, those annoying protein-rich pests that are unwelcome intruders in food processing facilities such as flour mills worldwide likely will be an important ingredient in the animal feed supply in the coming years.