Feed quality and salmonella

Salmonella is responsible for some of the most widespread food poisoning outbreaks in the world. Since salmonella is heat sensitive, the heat treatment of feed in the pellet press’s preconditioner has become standard practice to improve feed hygiene. The dilemma with this strategy is that pelleting offers no protection against recontamination of feed. [View article]

Energy values of maize in feed formulation

Maize is the biggest cereal component of both poultry and swine feed. In addition to large variation in the proximate nutrient content of maize, the question whether there is a true difference in the nutritive value of white vs yellow maize in South Africa has been frequently asked by industry nutritionists. [View article]

Sow lameness in the pig industry

Sow lameness causes millions of rands in losses for pig producers through lost productivity. Lameness can be caused by nutritional problems, management, and environmental and genetic factors. Current research is looking at on-farm solutions to help prevent lameness and improve welfare related foot problems. [View article]

Catering for the transition cow

It is common for the hospitality industry to enquire whether there are any ‘special dietary needs’ among a group of guests. On the dairy farm, transition cows fall into this category. Why does the transition cow need to be fed or treated differently from the rest of the lactating herd? [View article]

Trace mineral supplementation for bull performance

The reproductive performance of cattle may be influenced by several factors, but mineral imbalances are crucial in terms of its direct effect on reproduction. Correcting an imbalance in mineral levels can therefore improve reproductive performance, with little additional cost. [View article]

Formulating rations on a fatty acids basis

The use of fats or oils in dairy cow rations is a common strategy to increase the energy density of the ration and maintain milk production (Rabiee et al., 2012). However, fats do not only provide energy, but also fatty acids needed for different physiological processes with a high impact in dairy cows. [View article]

High fibre concentrates for cows on pasture

A number of studies have been conducted at Outeniqua Research Farm to determine to what extent high fibre byproducts can replace maize in the concentrates for cows on kikuyu/ ryegrass pasture. The linked article report on some of the research findings. [View article]

Nutritional principles applicable to game

With the development of intensive game breeding programmes, the nutritional needs of game changed completely. Proper nutritional practices and feeding methods are essential if game farmers want to be part of a profitable industry to satisfy the needs of rare and traditional game in Africa going forward. [View article]

Suid-Afrika kroon sy vyfde kuilvoerkoning

Die land se vyfde kuilvoerkoning is op 18 September tydens die jaarlikse Alfa galadinee en prysuitdeling gekroon. Die wenner in vanjaar se Santam Landbou Nasionale Kuilvoerkompetisie is Westend Landgoed – ‘n uitstekende prestasie siende dat Westend Landgoed ook die 2017 kuilvoerkoning was. Die toekenning is tydens die dinee deur Hanlie Kroese van Santam aan Hano Lombard oorhandig. Lees meer…

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