The following South African National Standards have relevance to the feed industry:

  • SANS 489:2009  Edition 1 – Good Manufacturing Practice in the animal feed industry (ISBN 978-0-626-22304-5)
  • SANS 898:2011  Edition 1 Good Manufacturing Practice for the self-mixing of feed in the livestock industry (ISBN 978-0-626-25156-7)
  • SANS 909:2018  Edition 1 Pet food nutritional and manufacturing requirements (ISBN 978-0-626-35881-5)
  • SANS 10049:2012  Edition 4.1 Food safety management Requirements for prerequisite programmes (PRPs) (ISBN 978-0-626-26482-6)
  • SANS 22005:2009 Traceability in the feed and food chain – General principles and basic requirements for system design and implementation (ISBN 978-0-626-22083-9)
  • SANS 289:2016 Labelling requirements for prepackaged products (prepackages) and general requirements for the sale of goods subject to legal metrology control (ISBN 978-0-626-33574-8).

To obtain a copy of these Standards, purchase it online from the SABS Webstore.

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