The AFMA Regulatory Committee (RC) is the information and participation portal for all matters pertaining to animal feed legislation, self-regulatory mechanisms, and global trade & harmonization. These strategic focus areas for the RC have been identified and aligned with AFMA’s vision to be a dynamic animal feed thought leader that influences food security through partnerships with all stakeholders and are shaping the activities and topics of engagement of the Regulatory Committee going forward.

Feedback, projects & notices emerging from AFMA’s liaison with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DALRRD) are presented and discussed at the quarterly RC meetings, including the Act 36 Animal Feed Forum (AFF), the Inspection Compliance Forum (ICF), the Animal Health Forum (NAHF), and the Strategic Agricultural Inputs Forum (SAIF).

The Regulatory Committee is supported by two Advisory Committees that consist of feed industry professionals providing input on Feed Regulation and (ADCOM-FR) and the AFMA Code of Conduct (ADCOM-COC) respectively.

Typical RC projects may include:

  • Farm feed regulations
  • Farm feed registration Guideline
  • Monitor service delivery time frame of DALRRD for farm feed registrations & renewals
  • Intervention actions to limit registration backlog in collaboration with the Registrar
  • Feeds and Pet Food Bill
  • National Standards (SABS)
  • AFMA Feed Safety management program – Code of Conduct audit scope
  • Monitor global animal feed guidelines from FAO, WHO, Codex, IFIF, ICCF, VICH for harmonization opportunities

The legislative framework for the feed industry is categorized according to primary and secondary legislation, and can be viewed in the “Legislation” tab.

Chairperson: Ms Liza Burger (Epol)
Vice-chairperson: Mr André de Vries (DSM)

AFMA receive weekly alerts and news on applicable legislation that is relevant to the feed industry via its Lexinfo subscription and Agbiz membership.  Regulatory Committee members are informed of the potential impact/risk on their feed business due to major legislative change. The below list of Acts includes all amendments and regulations to the Act.

Agricultural Product Standards ActNo. 119 of 1990
Animal Diseases ActNo. 35 of 1984
Basic Conditions of Employment ActNo. 75 of 1997
Competition ActNo. 89 of 1998
Consumer Protection ActNo. 68 of 2008
Fertilizers, Farm Feeds, Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies ActNo. 36 of 1947
Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants ActNo. 54 of 1972
Genetically Modified Organisms ActNo. 15 of 1997
Medicines and Related Substances Control Act No. 101 of 1965
Natural Scientific Professions ActNo. 27 of 2003
Occupational Health and Safety ActNo. 85 of 1993
Accreditation for Conformity Assessment, Calibration and Good Laboratory Practice ActNo. 19 of 2006
Animal Health ActNo.7 of 2002
Livestock Improvement Amendment ActNo. 60 of 1997
Marketing of Agricultural Products ActNo. 47 of 1996
Measurement Units and Measurement Standards ActNo. 18 of 2006
Meat Safety ActNo. 40 of 2000
National Environmental Management: Waste ActNo. 59 of 2008
National Railway Safety Regulator ActNo. 16 of 2002
National Water ActNo. 36 of 1998
Petroleum Products Amendment ActNo. 46 of 1993
Promotion of Administrative Justice ActNo. 3 of 2000
Trade Metrology ActNo. 42 of 1994
Pharmacy Amendment ActNo. 53 of 1974