AFMA acknowledges the importance of interaction with students in Animal Nutrition at the respective tertiary institutions, and introducing them to the feed industry with its numerous opportunities.

The AFMA Technical Portfolio Committee on Technical Education, Development, Training and Skills (TEDTS), has a specific focus to “bridge the gap” between academic foundation and the implementation of knowledge and skills at the workplace. This is done through student workshops that are hosted on a round-robin basis at the respective tertiary institutions in South Africa where Animal Nutrition is offered.

AFMA encourages applied research on Animal Nutrition and annually awards a cash prize as incentive for the best Animal Nutrition poster presented by a student at the SASAS congress. Scientific contributions by students, in the form of literature reviews or research articles, for the quarterly AFMA Matrix publication, are also awarded with a cash prize. A grand prize is presented to the overall winner at the annual AFMA Symposium in October.

Furthermore, AFMA also envisions to offer students a structured opportunity to gain practical experience in the feed industry through internships and holiday work at its member companies.